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The LaparoscopicSurg center offers basic courses for beginning surgeons as well as advanced courses for active surgeons. In a pleasant and quiet environment every trainee can perform their individually planned training program under optimal conditions.

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Because we know that, despite sharing universal interests, you have your own training goals and professional dreams. Fortunately, technology allows us to recognize your individuality and to deploy contents according to your training needs. Welcome to a class just for you!

LS offers value-added solutions tailored to each client.

Our equipment and our know-how allow us to consider many possibilities. All our events are organized in our conference rooms, where lectures are provided by our team of experts and invited speakers.

Enhance your skills

Enhance your skills with best equipment, and state-of-the-art virtual reality trainers. We respect your uniqueness by providing you with surgical knowledge combined with state-of-the-art technology. LS is specialises for Training and Mentoring of Surgeons. If you are a novice in a particular surgery, LS can help you learn.

The Most Complete Surgery Simulators

Simulation is a fundamental aspect of surgical training and has an ever-growing role in continuous professional development. It is a system that can be used in the user’s environment of choice.

Personalized Training Courses

We can organize your training courses according to your needs. The training can be organized on a half-day, a day or several on dates that we set together.

Advanced Surgical Skills and Technology

Surgeons who wish to showcase their superior surgical skills and train upcoming surgeons. Developed in collaboration with renowned surgeons and proficient technologists, LS caters to the exact needs of the surgeon fraternity and help them make surgeries safer.

Our Valued Customers

Our work is centred around the provision of high-quality healthcare education through simulation solutions in support of healthcare providers who strive to deliver the very best in patient-care and treatment.

It is our great privilege to represent and work closely with world leading clinical research centres and manufacturers, who are pioneering cutting edge technologies for product solutions that will impact these shared goals.

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