SonoVision ultrasound

Practical Skills in Diagnostic Ultrasonography

SonoVision ultrasound diagnostic simulator

An ultrasound simulator is a great add-on to traditional healthcare education and professional development training.

The system uses realistic imitators of ultrasound probes.

The next-generation ultrasound simulator ensures the highest level of detail of internal organs imaging.

The highest level of detail in the internal organs imaging. Realistic feel

An anatomically correct manikin provides realistic feel and imaging during scanning. The simulator offers more than 40 clinical scenarios.

Sono Vision

Thorough medical history for each clinical case

Real-time ultrasound probe tracking

The system uses realistic imitators of ultrasound probes

Library of Modules

3D model of organs displayed in a virtual reality window

Ultrasound measurements and image optimization

The software includes a set of training scenarios.

More than 40 clinical scenarios.

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