Caring for what is most dear. Mia has been developed from the ground-up, with our most dedicated and experienced specialists, leading experts in the field of neonatology.

Critical conditions, split second decisions and realism

Feel more knowledgeable and confident, when you work with real tiny patients in your professional life.

Being able to use real medical devices

ECG, defibrillation, pacing, capnography, medical ventilator with different modes (A/C, SIMV, CPAP, PCV, PSV, setting PEEP values up to 20 cmH2O)

We understand how important for neonatologists intubation is.

Mia’s airways are as realistic as possible, wear-resistant material makes sure that trainees can intubate again and again - until they perfect it.


Female Height: 21.5” Weight: 9 lbs

Neonatal resuscitation

Anatomically accurate upper airway

Orotracheal and nasotracheal intubation

Basic evaluation

Wireless and tetherless technology (at distances up to 30 meters)

Automated articulation of arms, legs and jaws

Internal battery provides more than 8 hrs of tetherless operation

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