MATT MedVision auscultation task trainer

All the auscultation points light up

Our auscultation simulator is a highly effective tool for learning auscultation points and sounds.

44 heart sounds, 26 lung sounds, 18 abdomen sounds

A rich library of sounds with amplified details for trainees to know what theyre looking for when listening to heart, bowel or lung sounds.


Easy, intuitive, elaborate are the main principles here. Rich library of sounds, conforming to American Thoracic Society guidelines. Activate or deactivate auscultation points and backlighting individually, adjust volume and intensity of sounds and many other features.

MATT & Pediatric MATT

Realistic skin (life-like feel)

Compare sound recordings

Conforming to American Thoracic Society guidelines.

Sound matches ECG diagrams and other vital parameters

Change HR and RR for a sound that is currently being reproduced

Anterior and posterior auscultation points

Rotateable platform

Use any real stethoscope

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