LaparoSim Trainer

Developing Basic Laparoscopic Skills

Ideal for individual and team training

With the LaparoSim, you can practice any time – when and wherever you want.

Simple But Qualitatively Good

That’s not only incredibly affordable but also very practical to use. A dedicated online curriculum. Personalised feedback to guide improvement. A cloud-based repository of user data – enabling trainers to monitor trainee progress.

Improve Surgical Performance And Safety

The Laparoscopic Trainer LaparoSim® is a device for surgical residents and practicing surgeons which facilitates the development of psychomotor skills and dexterity required during the performance of laparoscopic surgery.

The Best Way To Training

Build basic to advanced surgical skills

Can be used in the user’s environment of choice

To meet the future needs of today's surgeons.

Improve Surgical Performance

Easy to carry. Easy to use.

Easy to teach & learn.

Real simulation anywhere & anytime.

Ideal for individual and team training

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