LapVision Hybrid

LapVision Hybrid

Simulation in laparoscopic skills. Diagnostic and surgical skills in laparoscopy.

The Only Complete OR Experience on the Market

The only complete OR experience on the market, it allows having truly unique training scenarios. It also ensures teamwork experience; to develop cooperation and communication skills.

Simulation of surgical teamwork

Surgical and anesthesiology skills are paramount, however cooperation and communication skills are just as important.

High fidelity patient simulator

A fully equipped laparoscopic stand with instrument controls and real medical devices.

LapVision Hybrid

Complete OR setup for the whole surgical team

Simultaneous training of 2 surgeons with realistic positioning

Resuscitation is available as well!

Realistic interactive laparoscopic stand setup

Wireless instruments can be pulled out from the ports for maximum realism

Library of Modules, Training and exam modes

Magnetic haptic feedback with true-to-life tissue resistance

Detailed statistics after each module

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