Arthur. Essential is a 5-8 year old pediatric patient simulator developed and produced by Medvision.

Bringing pediatric patient care to a whole new level

We took the best from our LEONARDO simulator and carefully carried it to Arthur, resulting in Arthur’s conformity to all pediatric care requirements and standards.

Realistic chest compressions

Depth, frequency, hands placement assessment, ventilation volume and a detailed activity log.s

Arthur will assess all of your actions during resuscitation and then provide detailed feedback.

Powerful and intuitive, a perfect symbiosis of hardware and software: access our ever-expanding library of clinical cases or create your own.


Depth, frequency, hands placement assessment and log

Programmable bilateral lung volume during mechanical ventilation.

Pulse oximetry and plethysmography

Spontaneous breathing Programmable chest rise and fall.

Realistic chest compressions

Blinking and pupillary light reflex

Orotracheal intubation

Programmable respiratory complications

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