About us

Why choose us

In the basic courses trainees build foundational laparoscopic skills like

• Develop hand-eye coordination necessary for the mental translation of a 2D image into 3D reality.

• Manipulating laparoscopic instruments and camera

• Performing partial steps of an operation as well as a complete surgery that includes realistic and accurate behavior of the inner organs

• Perfecting obtained skills through repetition.

Advanced Courses

Advanced surgeons are able to extend and perfect their skills through a needs-optimized training program. Those can happen in free training units accompanied by an expert.

Quality Assessment

The trainee receives immediate feedback on performed procedures including explanations for any mistakes made. Within a course program, trainees also receive a detailed analysis of their performance data.


The primary goal

The primary goal of the laparoscopicSurg is the improvement and diversification of training and practice possibilities for surgeons in order to help spread a method that is gentle on the patient.

Using innovative curricula for simulator practice as well as virtual-reality surgery, surgical skills at the highest level are learned, extended through repetition and perfected, without any stress on patients.

Our Program