Laparoscopic Surgery and Surgical Skills Online

Our training courses are centered on live procedures performed by highly skilled surgeons, who are also qualified instructors and mentors. Students are given opportunities to interact with the operating surgeons, and international experts moderating the live surgical procedures – either on-site or remotely, via video-conferencing.

Conference Organizers: To take the surgery conference to a large virtual audience.


Training uses real laparoscopic equipment and laparoscopic trainer boxes, and state-of-the-art virtual reality laparoscopic trainers (LapSim System).

The LaparoscopicSurg Center can organize your laparoscopic surgery courses according to your needs.

Our equipment and our know-how allow us to consider many possibilities.

You wish to have additional information, contact us by phone at +216 29 61 99 90 or by mail.

The best way to explain and understand a surgical procedure

A comprehensive library of surgical procedures created by surgeons for surgeons, trainees and students.

Our publications can be used to share innovative techniques with other surgical experts, educate surgical trainees, or can be used to educate patients on surgical procedures they may undergo.

Need assistance to make your videos: recording, editing,...? Our audiovisual production teams are at your service.